Hose Reels

All Reels are Kitemarled To BS EN 671

Fixed Manual -Product Code: FMHR19

Swinging Manual -Product Code: FHDSM

Fixed Automatic -Product Code: FHFA

Swinging Automatic -Product Code: FHSDA

    Hose Reel Tubing 

        19mm x 30m

  Product Code: FH1930

           Hose Guide

 Product Code: FH1930G

          Globe Valve

Product Code: FH1930V

Flexible Water Inlet Pipe

   Product Code: FHRF

19mm Jet/Spray Nozzle

Product Code: HRN19Y

      19mm Jet/Spray

       Nozzle (Brass)

Product Code: HRN19S

       19mm Jet/Spray

   Cooperspray Nozzle

  Product Code: HRN19C

         Ri-Jac Nozzle

  Product Code: HRBR1

      Hose Reel Cover

          (Elasticated Rear For Secure Fit)

    Product Code: EXH1

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