25kg Salter Electrosamson

        Digital Scale

  Product Code: TS004

Salter Super Samson

Tubular Balance Scale

     Product Codes:

     1kg   - TS009

     2kg   - TS006

     20kg - TS007


           PRODUCT CODE: GT01R 

      Gauge Test Pump

    Product Code: GT01

    Nitrogen Regulator

    Product Code: N110

    Hose and Coupling

             (for Nitrogen Regulator)

    Product Code: N111

 Recharge Adapter Kit

 Product Code: ADKIT1

   Schraeder Air Chuck

    Product Code: N112

Schraeder Air Valve

Product Code: N117

          Brass Refill Bars

            Product Codes:

   VTB (Gloria Valve Tightening Bar)

   VTBS ( Gloria Valve Tightening Bar For PD 1/2)

   VTBTG (Valve Tightening Bar For 

                          Commander/TG/FirePowder ect)

 Extinguisher V Clamp

Product Code: VCLAMP

Valve Cleaning Brush

              Metal Bristle Brush

  Product Code: VCB

Valve Cleaning Brush

               Brass Bristle Brush

 Product Code: BVCB

          Wire Brush

Product Code: TBW001

     Rubber Mallet

Product Code: 13929

  Aluminium Torch

Product Code: 71194

 O'Ring Removal Kit

Product Code: 35099

      Plastic Bucket

Product Code: 26734

     3 Piece Adjustable

          Wrench Set

    Product Code: 55066

       Set Comprided:

150mm x 20mm capacity

200mm x 25mm capacity

250mm x 30mm capacity


    Adjustable Wrench

   Product Code: 30071

Jaw capacity 35mm

8 Piece Screwdriver Set

  Product Code: 40480

         Hole Punch

Product Code: TP001

      Caulking Gun

Product Code: 32339

Colour: Clear

General Purpose Silicone

    Product Code SS01

For use in water extinguishers.

Only to be used in accordance to manufacturers instuctions

Sold in tubs of 250 tablets

        Bio Tablets

Product Code BIOTAB